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Eat this whole burger and it's free!

Sometimes I get the hankering for a nice juicy burger. Can you imagine that someone probably actually sits down at a restaurant somewhere in this country for dinner and eats this?

Maybe it does look good with the dripping American cheese all over it...How far do you think you'd make it through this burger? Would you ever order something like this? I'm sure it's one of those deals where if you finish it you get it for free. 

Portions in this country are getting bigger and bigger. I'm not here to point out the dangers of overeating, or of eating unhealthy foods - you already know all that stuff.

What I am here to question is why are Americans so infatuated with big portions? What actually make some of us see this burger in a restaurant and think, "Hell yeah, I think I can eat that whole thing, gimme one with a beer" instead of, "Good god, I'd have to be stupid to even consider it?" 

Bigger is Better. It's the American way. As a result, Americans are getting bigger, but regretfully not better. 




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