What is Borrasca Champagne?

Looking for a great Champage that won't blow your budget?

New Years is almost here. Well, it was when I originally wrote this post for IG. My family and friends often drink bubbly on non-celebratory occasions, and we've tried a lot of the lower priced "Champagnes",(let's say $15.99 and under) and one thing I've decided over the years is that I 100% favor Cava over other types such as dry, extra dry, etc. A couple of years ago, I kind of stumbled on the brand discussed below. Give it a try! 


Our fave to drink when making a toast is Borrasca Cava. We don't like sweet bubbly, if you don't either, try a Cava type of champagne from Spain. I find Borrasca has a cleaner, crisp taste, and is better than others in it's price range. If you have a beer budget like me, give it a try. If there's a Total Wines near you, it's around $8.99 there - that's less expensive than headache bubbly at your local liquor store. And no, this isn't an advertisement LOL.

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