Christina Howell, creator of Curvy Fox Swimwear at Blogs

Christina Howell, creator of Curvy Fox Swimwear

Curvy Fox offers an alternative to the traditionally unfashionable swimwear available to plus size women. Bathing suits may have come a long way with many new cuts, styles, prints...but the offering in the plus size market has lagged. Read Sheen's article on how Curvy Fox evolved out of Christina's own experiences as a plus size millennial shopper who just couldn't find swimwear to fit her style: Christina Howell Sheen Interview.

"I always felt like an afterthought as a plus-sized millennial. Whenever I went into retailers, they either didn’t service me as a customer or the styles that they had were tailored to older women. There was nothing trendy about the styles. I wanted to offer something different. Instead of a brand, I wanted to offer a community for other plus-sized millennial like myself who feel like we’re pushed to the back burner when it comes to beauty, fashion, and lifestyle things. I wanted to bring those things to the forefront and say, “Hey, you’re not alone, I felt the same way, so here is something for you.”

- Sheen Magazine, April 5th, 2020|. Written by By Thao Vo.

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