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Dopamine Dressing Style!

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If you find yourself asking, what is the Dopamine dressing trend? Well, it’s the fashion style is that’s heating up the summer of 2022. 

Dopamine dressing is a fashion style that has the goal of boosting your mood through the wearing of bright, exciting colors. The idea is that wearing vivid clothing, especially clothing that has special meaning or memories to you has a positive impact on your outlook and feelings of happiness. 

It’s called Dopamine Dressing after one of the feel-good chemicals released by the brain that affects one’s overall mood and sense of well-being (the other being Serotonin). 

The phrase “Dopamine Dressing” was coined by psychologist Dr. Dawnn Karen, who is also a professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. 

She has talked about how more than a year of living in the era of Covid affected our morale. People are now looking to distance themselves from what was essentially a stressful period, and one way to do that is through fashion expression. Dr. Dawn says. “I’d say color plays a huge role. Wearing color is a form of communication, and it triggers emotions within us and others perceiving us. The colors you gravitate toward, and ultimately choose to wear, carry meanings much deeper than meet the eye.”

Dopamine Dressing helps us feel good. Colors can help us feel more confident and give us a mental boost that helps make the day just that much brighter. Of course, different colors evoke different feelings for different people, so it’s definitely an individual journey. But why not give it a try?

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